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 Thanks to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), many households are about to be safer. The Bureau generously donated 150 carbon monoxide (CO) alarms to the Huron Perth Hoarding Coalition so that they can help ensure the safety of residents in Huron and Perth Counties. The Coalition will be working very closely with the Children’s Aid Society of Huron Perth, as case workers attend homes and sometimes, a home and its residents are not properly protected with CO alarms.

This generous donation from the IBC will allow Children’s Aid Society workers to carry CO alarms within their vehicles, ensuring that they do not have to leave any residents at risk of CO poisoning. Shaun Joliffe, Executive Director for the Huron Perth Children’s Aid Society, spoke to the program, “We are very appreciative in the opportunity to assist fire departments, children and families with this important preventative initiative.”

James Marshall, Fire Prevention Officer for the Township of North Huron and Municipality of Morris-Turnberry, spoke of his appreciation for the program and the involved parties. “It is these kinds of partnerships that offer a means of educating and achieving compliance. In knowing these units will all be protecting children, who are the most susceptible to Carbon Monoxide poisoning, makes it all the more rewarding”.

Perth East and West Perth Fire Chief Bill Hunter added, “In these kinds of situations, the last thing a family should need to worry about is whether or not they have a working CO alarm. A program like this not only serves a need, it also gives families one less worry during a difficult period in their lives.”

“In Ontario you must have Carbon Monoxide Alarms installed adjacent to each sleeping area if you have any fuel fired appliance, attached garage or fireplace” explained Todd McKone, Fire Prevention Officer for the Perth East and West Perth Fire Departments. North Huron Fire Chief David Sparling described the local impact of CO. “We are responding to calls with dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide every three months. Without CO alarms these calls could have had tragic consequences”.

The units being provided are equipped with a LED display that shows continuous levels of Carbon Monoxide within the home and it also tracks the peak levels. Such units provide less opportunity for false alarms, which reduces call volume for local fire departments.

With both Huron Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson and Randy Pettapiece MPP for Perth Wellington in attendance, the scale of this initiative was very evident. Both MPPs agreed that the donation to the CO alarm program will allow case workers from the Children’s Aid Society to assist families across many municipal borders.




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